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Green Line Shutdown

The Green Line shutdown on Wednesday during the height of the rush hour with windchills below zero only serves to emphasize the importance of implementing the transportation plan proposed by Governor Patrick in last weeks State of the Commonwealth speech.  If more emphasis is needed, the Red Line had two train breakdowns during the same time period.  While not picked up by the media, these breakdowns added to an already horrendous commute.
For those of you unfamiliar with Boston, the Green Line is a light rail subway serving a major chunk of downtown Boston and essential to many commuters.  On Wednesday, an aged electrical cable caught fire at Arlington St. Station, neccessitating the shutdown of the entire downtown portion of the line so firefighters could safely locate the source of the fire and so "T" officials could determine if more was affected.  Riders were evacuated to the street and onto substitute shuttle buses.  Service substitutions, an inconvenience at any time, were made more difficult with sub-zero windchills and rush traffic.
Heading to a dental appointment, I managed to get right in the middle of both the Green Line shutdown and both Red Line breakdowns.  After trying to use the shuttle bus to get to my appointment, I realized after it took over 1/2 hour to get from Park St. to Copley Sq. (normally less than 10 minutes), I wasn't going to make the appointment and had to reschedule.
Governor Patrick's plan calls for major (billions) investment in the states transportation system and the resulting tax increases to fund it. It is outlined in the link on my previous post. It is too soon to know whether the state legislature will pass this or any similar plan, but Wednesday's fiasco only proves that the governors plan is essential.  With a system as old as Boston's, maintenance is necessary and has been sidetracked for much too long.